FEB 25 - 27, 2025 | Las Vegas, NV
FEB 25 - 27, 2025

General FAQs


Please visit the Apply to Exhibit section of the site and review the floor plans to select your exhibit space. You must submit a completed Application/Contract for Exhibit Space including your booth selections and send it with the required payment to the NAHB Exposition Sales Area.

NAHB Exposition Area staff will call you to give you alternative choices.

The balance due date will be printed on the confirmation invoice that is sent to you. Normally the balance is due within 30 days of the invoice date unless it is close to the Show dates, in which case the balance is due immediately.

Send an email to [email protected] identifying yourself as the new contact for your company. Include complete contact information (full name, company, address, phone, fax, and email). We will change our records and send you a login and password for the Exhibitor Tools.

Each exhibitor is given one (1) free exhibitor badge for every 25 sq. ft. of exhibit space under contract.

Yes. Exhibitor badges are mailed to the primary contact person unless it is specifically indicated on their form that they wish to pick up their badges at the exhibitor registration desk. The exhibitor badge request form has a box where you can elect to have your badges held for on-site pickup.

Exhibitors can buy additional exhibitor badges for a fee. An amount of badges equal to 50% of your free badges can be purchased for $25 each. A similar equivalent of the second 50% can be purchased for $75 each. Once an exhibit has bought an additional 100% of badges, the exhibitor must register any additional personnel as attendees and pay the applicable registration fees.

Every exhibitor has the right to occupy the complete cubic volume of the contracted exhibit space. The rule allows for any wall to go as high as the contracted height permits and extend all the way to the aisle. The only requirement for exhibitors that erect a wall is that any portion of the backside of the rear-wall that exceeds 8 feet in height or any portion of the backside of a sidewall that exceeds 3 feet in height must be finished and cannot display any company name, logo or advertising. If you are in an in-line booth, we will provide pipe and drape 8 feet high across the back and 3 feet high along the sides at no cost to you. If your booth structure exceeds these heights, you are responsible for finishing the side facing the neighboring exhibitors.

The portion of the rear-wall below 8 feet and the portion of any sidewall below 3 feet that faces a neighboring booth does not need to be finished by the company erecting the wall or display.

If you are in a peninsula space that shares a side with in-line booths, you will be provided with 8' high black Backwall Drape within 5 feet of each aisle. You are permitted to extend the rear wall of your exhibit the entire width of your contracted space, but must also ensure that your rear wall has a finished appearance on both sides.

If you are in a peninsula space that backs up with another peninsula (a split-island), no dividing drape is provided.

Tuesday, February 25
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, February 26
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, February 27
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

You must login to the IBS Exhibitor Portal to add or update your Official Exhibit Guide listing(s). Each exhibitor can be listed under a maximum of eight different product categories. For listing(s) submitted after the deadline, your company name will be listed as it appears on your Application/Contract for Exhibit Space and only in the Alphabetical Section of the Official Exhibit Guide, not under any product categories.

Go to the IBS Exhibitor Portal and enter your email address and password. This will enable you to enter your name listings for the Official Exhibit Guide and Export Interest Directory, set up your online listing, and submit your badge information.

The Exhibitor Service Kit will be available online beginning August 1, 2024.

If an exhibitor opts to set up their own booth, the individuals doing the set up must be full time employees of the exhibiting company and able to provide credentials.

Hanging or attaching signs, exhibitry, or lighting to any part of the facility is strictly limited to island and peninsula type booths that have a single booth square footage of 400 sq. ft. or greater.

Furthermore, the lowest point of any item hung from the facility by a qualifying booth must not fall between 4 and 9 feet from the floor, and any sign hung in a peninsula type booth must also maintain a minimum 10 ft. offset from the shared common wall.

All in-line booths and all booths less than 400 square feet are prohibited from attaching or hanging anything whatsoever to any part of the facility.

All exhibitors are required to have some form of floor covering. Carpet is available through the Exhibitor Service Kit. In addition, if you are in a peninsula space, your back wall must be a minimum of 8 feet high and must go from aisle to aisle. If you are in an in-line booth, you will be provided with pipe and drape 8 feet high on the back and 3 feet high on the sides.

Yes, children under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times when in the exhibit areas. Registration for children is complimentary and must be done on-site. All children except infants in backpacks or slings must be registered and badged to be admitted to the exhibit areas. CHILDREN UNDER 18 ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE SHOW FLOOR DURING SETUP AND TEARDOWN.

The online exhibitor directory is the electronic search system used on the BuildersShow.com website that helps attendees locate your company and product information. You can customize your online listing with your logo, company description, product categories and much more. Your listing will be included in the IBS online search systems where visitors can browse your virtual booth 24 hours a day, every day of the year (August 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025). The online exhibitor directory is a web-based database that allows builders to search for exhibitors by product category, keyword, company name, etc.

When you are assigned a booth in The NAHB International Builders’ Show, and the Exhibitor Tools are available online, an email confirmation is sent out. Simply go to IBS Exhibitor Portal and enter your email address and password into the appropriate fields. Once you are logged in, follow the steps to update your virtual booth. Please see below if you did not get the email or forgot your login information.

If you lost or forgotten your password don't worry. Simply click "Reset Password" link on the IBS Exhibitor Portal sign in page or contact the NAHB Exposition Sales Department at 202-266-8109 or send an email to [email protected]. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Your online listing will be reviewed by NAHB staff to ensure that it is in compliance with our rules. It will then be posted to www.BuildersShow.com.

No. But it is recommended for American companies whose products are at least 51% made in the USA and who are interested in exporting their products and services outside the United States. This directory is distributed to all international attendees to the IBS as well as to US Embassies and Consulates overseas. In addition, Export Interest Directory listings are searchable online to help international attendees to plan their booth visits before they get to the show.

Contact Lynn Margiotta at 202-266-8685 for the necessary forms to place your order.

Gifs and jpegs are preferable.

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